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Sachsenkuechen Leona | Haus12, Newcastle

Over the years we have developed a great working partnership with Sachsenküchen. Based in Saxony Germany, Sachsenküchen has been renowned for the manufacture of high-quality kitchen furniture for over 100 years.

We love their furniture range and endless design options but also their commitment to quality, innovation, and genuine sustainable products.

Quality without compromise

As with all German kitchen manufacturing, Sachsenküchen offer limitless variety and design options and manufacture using the best materials like solid wood, veneers, laminates, lacquers, and glass. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that there is continuous quality control and products meet national and international standards. Materials undergo regular certification testing for safety, durability and easy to care for.


Located in the beautiful ‘Erzgebirge‘ Ore Mountains and surrounded by hills and woodlands, Sachsenküchen have always valued environment and environmental responsibility. As such Sachsenküchen have been certified as a climate-neutral company by DGM (German association for furniture quality). They ensure they only use materials for manufacture that are considered harmless and certified.

Sachsenküchen uses CARB2-certified material consisting of up to 50% recycled material (scrap wood from furniture, pallets, demolition wood).

As an example of commitment to sustainability the recently introduced Leona cabinet finish is made using linoleum. Linoleum is a pure, natural product, made from locally sourced materials, most of which are even rapidly renewable – linseed oil, resins, wood flour, limestone flour and natural colour pigments.


It will come as no surprise that Sachsenküchen has been in receipt of awards recognising their innovation, product design and quality. Most recently they have been awarded the sought after quality label ‘Furniture Made In Germany’ .

Working together

Premium German kitchen partnership – Sachsenküchen

Sachsenküchen has enjoyed collaborating with leading retailer Haus12 since 2017, with a shared passion for premium kitchen furniture solutions. At the heart of Haus12, John has a wealth of industry experience and with over three decades as a kitchen specialist, he is the ‘go to’ expert on the latest trends. This perfect partnership ensures customers have unrivalled access to award winning kitchen design, combined with exceptional quality, innovative furniture choices and pioneering technology.

Established in 1908, with over a century of manufacturing tradition, Sachsenküchen is based close to the city of Dresden, with state-of-the-art automated production facilities. Sustainability is at the heart of the company and in 2022 was certified as a CO2- neutral manufacturer by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM). 

Bodie Kelay – Euromobel/Sachsenküchen UK