Attention to detail build quality is second to none

To say we are delighted with our kitchen and the service we received would be a total understatement. We spent a lot of time researching and trying to find the right person to design and deliver a quality product to match our exacting standards that we thought may be beyond our reach. We were so pleased when we found Haus12 and John McNeil. I have never met anybody with as much enthusiasm and drive as John. Nothing was ever a problem to him and he was instrumental in finding solutions to any problems that arose throughout the project.

The company’s attention to detail & build quality is second to none. John’s expertise and patience were invaluable & he was always working with you to achieve your goal. He gave so much great advice from his vast experience on things we had never even thought about. There was never any pressure & you always felt he was working to achieve exactly what we wanted in fact what the whole family wanted, taking the time to listen to everyone in the family building up a great rapport with all of us.

We find ourselves looking for excuses to be in our kitchen just to look at how stunning it is and now can’t wait to show it off.

J Buck

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