A real pleasure to work with

We had been working on our kitchen design with another company for some months. At the point when our build was complete and the position of electrics, lights extractors needed to be made we realised the kitchen company could not meet the deadlines. There were also other complications but this review is about Haus12 Interiors! I visited many popular showrooms and by the time I entered Haus12 Interiors I was deflated, exhausted and a little bit emotional.

John welcomed me into his showroom. I explained the situation we had found ourselves in and showed him designs from 4 different kitchen suppliers. Due to the restrictions John had to work with, I honestly expected a rejection of the project. For example; existing plan, time frame, position of electrics, budget, to name a few. John with his very gentle manner, said leave this with me. And so I did.

John came up with a new design, which works much better for us and is not a constant reminder of the original company’s work, he was able to design, order and fit the kitchen to our original time scale. Requiring him and his team to work around the clock still providing existing customers with a high quality service. John had solutions for every big or small difficulty we encountered and was a real pleasure to work with. We have a superior quality kitchen, delivered with excellence by a truly lovely person. If I were to go through this process again, I would absolutely use John at Haus12 Interiors with the knowledge, he shows attention to detail, is proud of his work and strives to provide you with a unique kitchen that works for you, and realistically within budget. Thank you John @Haus12interiors.

Sarah Bedford

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