Quite amazing

From the initial first meeting when I wondered into Haus 12 and met John, to the end result of my fabulous new kitchen, I cannot recommend Haus 12 highly enough.

My budget was tight; nevertheless, John came up with a beautiful design which included everything on my ‘wish list’ and fell well within the amount I had suggested, which in turn allowed the project to upgrade to the very best it could be. He certainly takes time to get to know you and translates what he learns into something quite unique to you. It was a real pleasure being guided through making creative and practical choices by someone who is not only passionate about what he does, but knowledgeable and meticulous with it.

On a professional level he responded to all communications incredibly fast and was readily available at the showroom when I sought further advice on a couple of relevant projects in the house, such was the confidence I had in him. And, if on the rare occasion he was unavailable, there was always Julie to insure everything ran smoothly!

As far as logistics went, lead times and deliveries ran exactly to plan. Quite amazing! I had no idea that re-doing a kitchen could be so stress free!
I believe I enjoyed the whole process as much as I love my new kitchen and would recommend anyone thinking about a kitchen project, to go straight to John.

Oona Prendiville

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