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What’s trending in 2024?

Here at Haus12 we pride ourselves on always bringing you unique ideas, designs with our wide range of designer German kitchen brands but it’s always good to see what’s popular in kitchens overall. Let’s take a look at what’s new and trending in kitchens at the moment. So we have taken a look over what our own customers have been talking about recently and compiled a list of the most popular features.


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Matt black kitchens haven’t lost any popularity going into 2024. Off this trend comes the move towards richer deeper colours in the kitchen. This darker palette adds a note of sophistication and drama to the kitchen space. Black kitchens are often complemented by black appliances, sinks and taps.

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The industry is buzzing about textured finishes like the slatted and ribbed effect. We’re now seeing the slatted wood interior trend extend over into the kitchen. The subtle textured finish adds depth and character to doors and panels. We definitely love this trend and can’t wait to see it in one of our customer kitchens.


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Green is the colour – we are seeing many shades of green in the ranges of all our kitchen brands. Kitchen finishes from pastel mint to sage green to deeper forest green. Whether painted wood or smooth anti fingerprint velvet surfaces like Fenix, green tones complement perfectly with the earthy natural tones which are always popular in kitchens.

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Appliance garages – also called breakfast and coffee stations help minimise worktop clutter. Housing all your small appliances away behind a door immediately declutters and hides away unsightly electrical appliances and cables. Our customers have chosen to hide away toasters, mixers and coffee makers as well as their drinks collection behind hinged, bi-fold and sliding pocket doors.

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 Natural wood brings warmth, depth and texture to a kitchen space – the ultimate outdoors indoors. With wood finishes you have a wide palette from light oaks to deep mahogany. Bespoke wood finishes can be made to match the grain across cabinet doors adding a real touch of luxury.

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Create a flourish of colour to complement or to contrast with your kitchen with a statement wallpaper.

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Herringbone patterned floors have been around since the 16th century and are timeless – they’ve come a long way since your old school hall. They add the illusion of space and are a bold statement in any kitchen. The look can be created with LVT or engineered wood. Herringbone floors can also add sale value to your home.

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Back kitchens provide a secondary and dedicated space for food prep, spice cooking and pantry storage keeping your primary social kitchen space clutter free for entertaining. This might be a dedicated part of your kitchen or hidden space behind a door. It can also incorporate a utility or laundry room.

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On the back of the dark, richer colour trend coming into kitchens, we are seeing the trend extend into the hardware, handles and taps in darker and aged metallic finishes like brass, bronze and gunmetal.

See the trend in our recent projects #realcustomerkitchens

Now you’ve seen the kitchen features which are currently trending or maybe you want something else entirely unique, call into our Newcastle showroom and our award-winning kitchen designers can help you create the kitchen you’re looking for.

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