Celebrating 15 years working with Spekva

At Haus12 we strive to be a little different. When we look for products we look for the best quality and a bespoke service. Fifteen years ago we were approached by the Danish company Spekva producing the most stunning handcrafted wood products. Worksurface trends have come and gone in the past 15 years but wood worksurfaces and Spekva remains a constant due to the quality of product and the great working relationship we have built with the company. 

Incorporating wood worksurfaces is one of the best ways of bringing natural texture and warmth into any kitchen space. Not just confined to a traditional style country kitchen, the beauty of solid wood can be used in modern kitchens for breakfast bars and dining tables, bringing in a tactile natural surface and that wow factor we’re always chasing.

Spekva have been working closely with John and the team at Haus12 for the past 15 years, during this time our business relationship has developed hugely. John’s experience and knowledge of the kitchen design industry is very extensive, which has evolved with all the various trends that have come and gone during his 30+ years of service as a kitchen designer. This is precisely what we at Spekva and all manufacturers desire to have within all of their valued customers. 

The experience and knowledge obtained, means that John knows exactly how to best utilise Spekva’s portfolio of products. Spekva are a very bespoke company, where they handcraft items from solid wood to specific designs and customer requirements. So, the more knowledgeable the designer, the more we are tested to engineer items of furniture of the very finest quality. 

– Mark Williams, Spekva

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